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Case Study: Journey to a NextGen Mfg. platform, zero downtime and data strategy at J&J

J&J is relying on a NextGen MES platform and strategy to explore multiple architecture patterns to meet the needs of all business and manufacturing processes. The cloud-based platform is more agile and scalable then monolithic MES systems and possible to deploy rapidly. With the modular platform it is possible to solve challenges on a global scale and to add different microservices to the platform, leveraging technologies and IT capabilities for the Factory of the Future.

This presentation delves into the comprehensive spectrum of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) lifecycle management, highlighting its profound influence on manufacturing facilities. It explores strategies for optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing service quality, discusses deployment tactics and maintenance frameworks, elaborates on the meticulous planning for zero downtime validation, and showcases cutting-edge technologies capable of catalyzing crucial business advancements.

Rick Brill, IT Sr Director - Global Supply Chain Manufacturing Systems at Johnson & Johnson

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